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 Riding with a sidecar is often underestimated by (solo) motorcyclists. The actual operation of the engine will of course remain the same, but the driving itself is a different story. It is highly advisable to take a course in sidecar driving or to be taught by an experienced sidecar driver before going out alone with a combination. There are several stories of inexperienced riders ending up in a ditch or rolling over. Not a balance vehicle One of the biggest problems is that motorcyclists operate their motorcycle as a balance vehicle, and on a motorcycle with a sidecar, they tend to control the combination by shifting their body weight. The motorcycle with sidecar obviously does not react to this and goes straight ahead. Pull crooked A motorcycle with a sidecar skews: when accelerating to the side of the sidecar (because that is not driven) turn to the side of the motorcycle when the throttle is closed (because the sidecar "pushes through") when squeezing the clutch to the side of the motorcycle (because the sidecar also pushes through now) Brakes as a steering aid Driving fast with a motorcycle with a sidecar is better when cornering using the brakes: As a rule, the front brake only slows the motorcycle, causing the combination to steer to the left As a rule, the rear brake also slows down the sidecar, causing the combination to steer to the right This assumes that the sidecar is mounted on the right, which is common in countries where people drive on the right. Of course, the reverse applies to a sidecar on the left.

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